Safety Designed To Keep Employees Safe

I was in one of my local big box member’s only club last week, and while the stock on the shelves was low because of the Easter Holiday rush. The stockers all had large flat beds full of stock for the shelves. It’s so important in a retail location to instruct employees on the use of box cutters, and to buy cutters that have safety features built in. If the features are built in it increases knife safety by making it easy to comply with store and federal safety regulations. These features help in minimizing the risk factor while undertaking any cutting task. At Martor USA, these cutters are designed and created by keeping the various applications in mind. One of the features of the safety cutter is that sharp edges of the blade are protected from the user. Whether it a manual retracting, concealed blade, or automatic self retracting blade let Martor USA fill your online shopping cart today and help your safety manager ensure safe cutting practices will be followed.

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Special Bladed Knives To Cut Plastic Sheeting

If your finished product will need protection and you are using plastic wrapping or plastic sheeting on the finished product, has the safety knife for you. Since each material is different (roll, sheeting, bubble wrap, strapping), almost every project requires a different cutter. It isn’t always the case that one cutter can cut all material without causing injury. Martor has a whole line of concealed blade cutters specially designed for cutting sheet material. Find stretch wrap cutters that allow for ease of use and highly simplified blade change capability. Martor makes the job easy with high quality cutters for almost any material you can think of, while keeping safety in mind.