Should Your Children Learn First Aid

Only 7 percent of the AU population has the skills and confidence to carry out basic first aid in an emergency. Putting first aid in to the basic education from an early age can play a vital role in turning this problem around.

We all know what kids are like, they are the ones who are most likely to push boundaries and get themselves into dangerous situations. So, since it is very unlikely that they are going to change, they should at least be able to deal with an emergency if one of them hurt themselves. And it is much more common to have to deal with an emergency than most may think. Research shows nearly 90 percent of 11 to 16-year-olds have been confronted with a medical emergency. With these statistics, it only makes sense to put first aid training into the curriculum.

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When it comes to teenagers, they are likely to drink more alcohol than their body can handle and could end up hurting themselves. A study by the British Red Cross revealed that more than 532,000 young teenagers have been left to cope with a drunk friend who was sick, injured or unconscious in the last year alone. These statistics are extremely worrying since most teenagers don’t know first aid. Just imagine if your child had to take care of their friend after they had been drinking too heavily. Do you think they could successfully take care of them and make sure that no major harm came to them? This is a question you should be asking yourself in case your child is ever in this situation.

If one of your child’s friends suffered from asthma and took an asthma attack, can you safely say that your children will know what to do to save their friend if they are with them because your child will want to help? This is because children are less likely to experience the ‘Bystander Effect’ – the more people there are at the scene of an accident, the less likely anyone is to help as they all expect someone else to take charge. So, if someone faints, has a heart attack or falls and breaks a bone, a child is more likely to help than an adult and that is why it is so important for children to learn first aid.

Your child taking part in first aid training courses will ensure that by learning their new skills, we will have a new culture of first aid. People who suffer heart attacks away from the hospital are also more likely to survive in places where first aid is taught in schools. This will give a whole generation of children growing up with the skills and confidence to save a life.